Monday, July 25, 2011

Resistance is Futile

Dear Anaheim, Oakland and San Diego,

Go ahead and install the deadbolts on your doors, buy extra ammo and stock up on PBR...while supplies last.

See you in Cali!



Friday, July 8, 2011

Generative Design and Parametric Structures

The July 2011 meeting of the New York City Revit Users Group featured a presentation by Robert Otani, PE, LEED AP and Jonatan Schumacher from Thornton Tomasetti.

By creating a collaborative dialog with the designer at the conceptual phase, the architectural, engineering & fabrication models can be developed simultaneously from the same geometric reference model, allowing a holistic design process.  Robert and Jonatan elaborate on this concept with case studies of actual project work with a variety of architectural firms.

Thornton Tomasetti (TT) is an internationally recognized engineering company whose computational geometry and automation team works at the forefront of advanced practices.  TT utilizes a wide range of commercially available as well as customized digital tools and automation procedures to model, simulate, and optimize engineering projects of various scales worldwide.

Note: The TT presenters begin about 7 minutes into the recording.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Starting vs. Starting Over

If you missed Autodesk CEO Carl Bass present his keynote at RTC USA you missed something wonderful.

First of all - he didn't wear of those wrap-around headsets. He leaned into the podium in a way that seemed to "ground" him (after having just descended from northern California) and began to present his case in a refreshing and relaxing manner.

Side note: on the topic of headsets, please allow me to say what everyone else is thinking: it's really hard to take anyone serious while they're wearing one. Madonna got really close and failed. Everyone else kinda looks like they escaped from a call center.


I'm trying...but I think my "come-hither" look is broken.

If only there were a rule of thumb. Well it turns out there is. When all else fails it pays to remember "WWJD": What Would Jobs Do.