Friday, July 19, 2013

Introducing Read | Thomas

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Good morning everyone. I hope the week has gone well and those of you that attended RTC North America are recovering from being in beautiful Vancouver. For those of you unable to attend this year please start planning for next year's conference in Chicago. Among all the other highlights likely to occur at the 2014 conference, I offer two words:

Mark Schmieding. :)

This is a brief post to let you all know I've recently resigned from M-SIX. The VEO™ technology is amazing and I look forward to implementing Revit, VEO and other elegant technologies with you and your teams.
I've since started Read | Thomas, LLC - an AEC consulting group focused on connecting designers, builders and owners through BIM - Building Information Modeling - technologies.  

Our core philosophy is that we lose sight when technology becomes an end in itself. The highest and most proper use of technology connects people: 

     - Training, Implementation and Support
     - Content Creation and Production Services
     - BIM | VDC | FM Integration
     - Software and Courseware Development
     - Business Process and Change Management
     - Career Services

If we learn how to save time we've made money. If we learn how to improve people's lives we've made a difference. Striking the right balance between these two goals is what Read | Thomas is about - embracing and celebrating the social aspect of technology. 

Thanks everyone.