Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stop, Drop and ROLF

Been a while...sorry. Got distracted counting all of my Adsense revenue. ;)
Bit of irony as Harrison and I are at yet another chess tournament (as with the last post). So far he's up two for three with one to go. Go H!
In the meantime there's this:

Available via iTunes. More info here.

What else?

New Wallace and Grommit: "Matter of Loaf and Death". Available here and there online.

The iPhone Dev Team is plugging away - but the 3G phone still isn't in the clear. Bottom line: don't buy the unlocks. They're just reselling the iPhone Dev Team's work and ripping you off in the process. Test: Google the unlock sites. The consumer sites are full of complaints against them at the rate of $50 a person.

Slightly less ironic than a GM Suburban on an LA freeway with a "No Blood for Oil" bumper sticker - cork forests are under threat after many compelled wine makers to move to synthetic cork (cough..recycling...cough). I wish they'd make up their minds. And if you hate sprawl now, just wait till cars run on sunlight and good intentions. People will drive to from New York Tokyo for weekend sushi.

Oh yeah. After much hand wringing, Apple finally released a 17" laptop that'll support up to 8GB of ram. ZZZzzz... The 'insanely great' upcharge from 4GB to 8GB is $1200. So I'm waiting until I'm sure that I can install it myself for $200. Which leaves $1000 for far more compelling investments. Maybe fly Guy over to Vegas for AU...hmmmm.

And finally, Carol Bartz is the new CEO of Yahoo, which leaves Jerry Yang to drop by Starbucks for her on the way into the office. I'd expect a Microsoft or Google deal to follow. Google would be very interesting. If it's Microsoft, I wouldn't suggest Steve Ballmer try any of that crazy-chair-throwing-monkey-boy-intimidation-stuff with Carol. It won't work. Not with Carol.