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Back to School (2014)

Annual Update of Back to School Photos!

2002 - Preschool

2003 - Kindergarten

2004 - First and Preschool

2005 - Second and Kindergarten

2006 - Forgot to take pictures - close enough. :)

2007 - Kindergarten, Second and Fourth

2008 - One, Three, Five

2009 - 2, 4, 6

2010 - Third, Fifth and Seventh

2011 - Fourth, Sixth and Eighth. Last year of middle school for Harrison - and first year of middle school for Milly! Note to self: next year Harrison wears a different t-shirt!

IMG 6547

2012 - Dammit - forgot to hide Harrison's t-shirt! Jeezus I just hope he's washed it...

Screen Shot 2012 08 27 at 5 51 49 PM













2013 - 10th Grade beginner’s beard. Jasper starts middle school.

IMG 3443



















2014 - Mill’s starts high school. :) F%#k they’ve grown up fast. :’)













Friday, July 19, 2013

Introducing Read | Thomas

Skyfall Logo

Good morning everyone. I hope the week has gone well and those of you that attended RTC North America are recovering from being in beautiful Vancouver. For those of you unable to attend this year please start planning for next year's conference in Chicago. Among all the other highlights likely to occur at the 2014 conference, I offer two words:

Mark Schmieding. :)

This is a brief post to let you all know I've recently resigned from M-SIX. The VEO™ technology is amazing and I look forward to implementing Revit, VEO and other elegant technologies with you and your teams.
I've since started Read | Thomas, LLC - an AEC consulting group focused on connecting designers, builders and owners through BIM - Building Information Modeling - technologies.  

Our core philosophy is that we lose sight when technology becomes an end in itself. The highest and most proper use of technology connects people: 

     - Training, Implementation and Support
     - Content Creation and Production Services
     - BIM | VDC | FM Integration
     - Software and Courseware Development
     - Business Process and Change Management
     - Career Services

If we learn how to save time we've made money. If we learn how to improve people's lives we've made a difference. Striking the right balance between these two goals is what Read | Thomas is about - embracing and celebrating the social aspect of technology. 

Thanks everyone.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Introducing VEO™ Helium

Some of what's new in this release:
  • Dramatically Improved Performance
  • Enhanced User Management
  • Enhanced control over shared projects
  • Improved filtering and searching capabilities in Archive
  • Improved UI to view and edit document links, labels and files
  • Know which user added a document
  • Know when a document was last modified
  • Sectioning Tools
  • Faster Data Syncs
  • Improved Project History for moving back and forth in time
  • Dramatically Faster Graphics
  • Notifications when revisions are available
  • Navigation Enhancements
One More Thing™:
Your VEO demo account allows you to create and save your own local projects - fully functional except for features like rendering and online collaboration
No project size limit. No time limit. 
Go ahead and test VEO on your largest, most complex projects and see how easy it is to do the following:
Bidirectionally Link Documents in VEO™ Archive 
Transparent Room Volumes

 Clearly Visualize Transparent Spatial Volumes 
Quickly Coordinate and Contextually Visualize 
Effortlessly Create Section Boxes by Space, Object or Selection
Get started here:
User forums here:
Request a presentation for you and your team over here
Connecting Designers, Builders and Owners just got a major upgrade. And if anyone tells you different…they're probably sniffing Glue. ;)

Monday, June 10, 2013

iPhone 7

Audio only FaceTime calls in iOS7. You know how text messages automatically switch over to your data plan or WiFi in iMessage? Imagine the same thing happening when you make a call. Result: a cell phone that comes with free / free-ish calls. While AT&T and others continue charge three different rates for calls, text and data Apple is making the distinction obsolete.

Apple is going after the cellular market.


Make no mistake - if Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were teenagers today - they'd be on the short list at Department of Homeland Security and labeled "terrorists" and "extreamists".

RIP Aaron Swartz.


Screen Shot 2012 09 20 at 6 15 37 PM


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Registration is Open

Screen Shot 2012 11 09 at 9 05 16 AM
RTC North America 2013
Registration is Open!
 Westin Bayshore Hotel and Conference Center
Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
Thursday 11th - Saturday 13th, July 2013

Greetings everyone! The 3rd North American conference is well ahead of last year in terms of sponsorship and booth selections. As a result we've slightly re-configured the exhibition area so that it's open and facing the large gallery and salon area (p. 32). This will also allow us to add a few more exhibition booths. Here are a few of the statistics for RTC 2013 so far:

- 1/3 of booths already reserved or on hold
- 3 Silver Sponsors are taken
- We received over 250 abstracts from around the world
- 70 Speakers / 90 Classes
- Projecting 440 attendees and delegates
We're making a few changes this year as well. We've added a Construction stream to this years conference as well as Friday's "Small Firm" track that is focused on remaining highly competitive as a small, nimble firm. Here's what a few past delegates and sponsors have to say about RTC:
“We can attribute $50,000 in sales directly from our participation in RTC. RTC has the right people at the right time with the perfect environment.”
- Lonnie Cumpton Co-Founder BIM9

“As far as content goes, Revit Technology Conference is the next step above.”
- Robert Yori, SOM
“RTC is a very focused event, if you are in the BIM & Revit space, this is where you need to be”

“We feel strongly enough about the quality of the RTC Events that we are participating in all the events in 2013” 
- Dan Dolan, 4D Technologies
Finally, please take special note of our new "Sponsor Success Story" opportunities for 2013. The specifics of this Bronze and higher sponsorship are indicated in the prospectus (p. 3 and 20). This is your opportunity to market and highlight your solution with your successful customer(s)!
Registration is now open and links to the prospectus and registration are above. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Sincerely -

Phil Read and Jim Balding
Sponsorship Managers - North America 
Ps. My kids want to go just to see if JamesV will cannon ball over them into the pool like last year. :) So I'm bringing the family!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Introducing VEO™

Screen Shot 2013 02 20 at 6 18 33 PM

Dear Friends and Associates -

Two weeks ago today, VEO™ shipped at the end of January (January 37th, to be exact) and like any proud parent I'd like take a moment and reflect on the long strange trip and say "Thank You" to you all.

The first time I saw Revit in the spring of 2001, I walked out of the presentation and thought, "Wow, I wonder what's going to be next?". Revit 1.0 was certainly rough around the edges but the importance of integrated design was a foregone conclusion. Excited by the potential of Revit, I began using version 1.0. Less than a year later I went to work for Revit Technology and a year later for Autodesk.

Wonderful, heady times. But I still wondered, "What's next?"

"What's next?" accidentally tapped me on the shoulder at Autodesk University 2008. Seeing VEO™ for the first time immediately recalled my question from 2001. "Now I know what's next!" I thought - and laughed. :)

What I saw in VEO™ was the potential of integrated Design, Building and Operations. In other words, integrated BIM. An elegant platform where designers, engineers, fabricators, builders and owners could truly collaborate. And after four very long years, VEO has shipped.

Thank you all:

    • UNCC College of Architecture for so many challenges
    • Fellow Architects and Engineers for so much mentoring
    • Revit founders and associates for planting the seeds
    • Autodesk for growing the vision
    • Autodesk (again!) for funding M-SIX
    • The M-SIX team for digging in and exceeding expectations

Thank you all for the patience and guidance.

I'm so excited for the next decade with VEO™. And so excited to see what's next!

All the best -

Phil Read
Phil Read

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Autodesk FormIt

A new iPad app was announced by Autodesk at AU this week. This time, it’s a conceptual design application called FormIt. The app reminds me of SketchUp in that you can edit forms through direct manipulation and by sketching lines to divide surfaces, thus creating new extrusions. This interaction feels pretty fluid and intuitive. I was up and running with some conceptual forms within minutes.

There are numerous aspects of this app that set it apart from other mobile design tools. First, FormIt gives you pretty reasonable dimensional accuracy and feedback as you place, move, and edit forms. You can even use a direct measurement tool. Another really cool feature is the ability to define a target gross area for your proposed design. As you build up a form, the app gives you feedback in the upper left of the screen, as to how the form is achieving the area. You set some options such as typical floor height and the app automatically adds levels as the form gets taller, thus calculating the gross area.

You can also locate the proposed form on a site using a connection to Apple Maps (I think). From there, you can simulate shadows directly in the app. The model can then be transferred to Vasari or Revit for further development or analysis.

I’m pretty excited about this new app, but the real test will be putting it in the hands of some real designers. Let’s see what happens…

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Change is in the Air

The time has come, the walrus said, 
to talk of many things.
Of shoes of ships of sealing wax,
And other fancy things.

Like our new teammates. We're expanding the team and we're looking to do bigger and better. Please welcome Tobias, Tessa, and Ryan:

They're architects, designers, software engineers, photographers, painters, harpists, and cyclists. Nation-wide. They've worked with A-list architects and lived to tell the tales. Now they're joining the team as the new authors of Revit Essentials. Making it better, expanding the content, and fixing all the typos. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Future of Design? Leeeeeeroy Jeeeeenkins!

IMG 1794

Harrison's best friend Christopher (mentioned here) loves designing buildings. He talks of studying architecture and becoming an architect. He and Harrison are also avid fans of Minecraft. Once homework is done they'll often log on Minecraft with their friends from school (one of the guys even hosts Minecraft on his private server). They also log into Skype for VoIP.  Together, this group of 8-10 high school students collaborate in real-time to discuss, design, plan and build the most fantastic of ideas.

However, a few weeks ago I found myself having to convince Christopher not to give up on his dreams to become an architect. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Nowhamsayin? Nowhamsayin? Nowhamsayin?

Some very important announcements!

1. Mastering Revit 2013 ships internationally as of today in 6 languages! Thanks to Willem (fearless editor) and the entire team at Wiley / Sybex for making this happen! Link here.

2. We're jumping on the iBookstore bandwagon.  The "Mastering Revit Architectural Series" are intended to be specialized and focus around single topics. Think of these as the Mastering Revit "singles" based on the Mastering Revit "LP". And priced accordingly. It's available as of today in 32 countries!

The first effort is "Architecture Daylighting Analysis" (link) for $1.99 for 38 pages of goodness. We really hope you'll check back as we add more topics to the Mastering Revit Series!

And now….the moment you've all been waiting for (drumroll please)...

3. David Light has agreed to join the Mastering Revit team!


Mr. David Light (pictured above) or affectionately referred to by the authoring team as "D-ROC". He'll be creating the mix-tapes and wearing the gold chains in the his new role of "Technical Editor". Check out his LinkedIn profileWe're really glad to have Dave join the team for a number of reasons.

First of all David is a Revit guru. And in addition to his blogging and twittering - he has a way better accent and even raises his eyebrows a lot when he talks. Revit/Accent/Eyebrow combination gives him an air of authority and royalty that quite frankly, James, Eddy and I lack.

Second, he doesn't mix his drinks. So after a few unlucky souls apparently turned to moonshine during RTC 2012 and ended up doing dive bombs into the pool - David could be seen calmly collecting wallets, watches and iPhones all the while mumbling something about how "Uncle Fagin would be ever so proud."

And finally, although David doesn't like to admit it - his second cousin twice removed from his great uncle's ex-mistresses niece's brother's first wife's great granddaughter's godmother is none other than Kate Middleton. Yes - that Kate Middleton.

The points of this last facinating detail is two-part:  

1) The Middleton family was happily allowed to settle a long-standing gambling debt by allowing the Light family to crash…errr…attend Kate's wedding. And while you couldn't hear it if you watched the ceremony on TV, David's son Elliot dropped a whole box of LEGO right in the middle of the vows (although truth told, it was David's box of LEGO). Note Dave in the distance photo-bomping the nuptials:

WeddingCrasherBut most importantly?

2) As soon as Kate picks up the cell phone (keep trying Dave!) the Mastering Revit authoring team is quite certain she'll pleasantly agree to write the Forward to next years Mastering book! All the more timely considering the U.K. march toward all things BIM. At least that's what David assures our editor, Willem.

And speaking of our editor Willem - one word of advice for Dave: the contracts are for USD$ - not British Pounds. The difference? Big Mac vs. MacBook Pro!

So please join us in welcoming David Light, Technical Editor to the Mastering Revit 2014 team!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Zoom To Awesome!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Not only is today Friday - or better yet - Saturday (Hi Australia!).

Not only is there a cold beverage of your choice waiting for you at the end of another long week spent hunched over a hot processor.

You are all about to have access to the finest, most useful, most glorious kick-ass-ness of a Revit Add-In in the history of Building Information Modeling:


Zoom To Awesome

Testing is complete. This add-in kicks an infinity of ass. If Chuck Norris used Revit - this would be his favorite tool. Caution: you may smack your forehead with your open palm after using this amazing tool just one timeYou will wonder why you didn't think of this. You will wonder why no one at the Revit factory has thought of this. 

You will demand this functionality be included with Revit.

Don't say we didn't warn you.

- End User License Agreement (EULA) - 

By installing the "Zoom To Awesome" Revit Add-in, you agree to be bound by the following Terms of Service (TOS):

1. You agree to #FF Don Bokmiller (@dbokmiller), Elier Ramirez (@TBD - Sheesh!) and yours truly (@philread) on Twitter.

2. You agree to provide at least one of us with an adult beverage during AU2012.

3. You agree to Twitter/email/Facebook/crosspost/etc the download link to your fellow Reviteers in order to give them a sense of childlike joy and wonder (#ZoomToAwesome).

4. You agree not to pester us if you install this add-in and something goes horribly, inexplicably wrong (even though Don and Elier assure me this is completely unlikely to happen).

Okay, ready? Hyperventilating? Tunnel vision? Here we go!

Steps to success:

1. Download, unzip and install "Zoom To Awesome":

2. Open your favorite Revit project and look around - like the floor plan in this sample project. There sure is a lot of stuff. Hey - there's a tiny toilet in the distance. Pick the object:

Screen Shot 2012 09 20 at 9 29 42 PM

3. Go to the Add-Ins panel, select External Tools and Select "Zoom To Awesome":

Screen Shot 2012 09 20 at 9 29 20 PM

4. You will be immediately transported to the selected object(s) that remain selected for your convienence: 

Screen Shot 2012 09 20 at 9 29 58 PM


But wait - there's more!

  • Works in 2D and 3D!
  • Works on geometry, tags, text, detail components and more!
  • You can even map a keyboard shortcut ("ZX" rocks!)

Why waste your time innaccurately zooming in and out with a scroll wheel?

Why use the Zoom In Region tool in order to select something when you can zoom to it by selecting!

Happy Friday! And a very special shout out to Noah Beach for his much appreciated programming assistance!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stupid Easy

Dictate icon


If you're using OSX Mountain Lion (10.8), you'll know that Dictation and Speech had a nice upgrade. Now it actually works most of the time!

First of all - you can quickly customize enabling via Preferences. There's a couple of preset shortcuts to switch it on via a double keystroke. Tapping the selected key twice will bring up the dictation icon at your cursor location. After you finish speaking simply press the return key. If you want to cancel - just press the ESC key.

Screen Shot 2012 09 04 at 12 13 14 PM


Dictation and Speech isn't useful for whole message dictation. On the other hand - dictating an IM or single sentence works really well.

So what's really to like? Spelling and Searching.

For spelling, imagine you're happily typing a message and get to a word that you're stuck on to the point that your hopefully-close-enough effort still isn't close enough. When this happens, get unstuck by tapping the shortcut key twice and simply speak the word. Speech and Dictation does a really great job of filling in the blank and you're on your way.

For searching, simply place your icon in the search bar of your preferred web browser, double-tab the shortcut and ask your question. Then tap the return key to initiate the search once the translation is complete.

Overall, Dictation and Speech often seems like an answer to an infrequently asked question. But when it's useful - it's really pretty cool!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School (2012)

Update on the annual back to school photos!

2002 - Preschool

Mastering Mondays

We’ve started a new little (unofficial) adventure on YouTube we’re calling “Mastering Mondays!” What is it and how does it relate to the books? Allow me to explain…

Here is last week’s installment about creating custom wall constraints:

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Apple Math

The addition of Hulu Plus to AppleTV is an interesting addition to what Tim Cook simply referred to a "hobby" during the last investor call. Especially considering when Apple has sold 4million units so far this year alone.

So what's next?

Imagine this: "Siri - Please play that episode of South Park where Eric Cartman wants to go to Stan's birthday party at Casa Bonita."

Apple is creating ecosystems and going where customers have been long underserved and there is significant demand for a better way. But while everyone is focused on mobile, I think there's quite a bit slight of hand ("...nothing to see here folks…just a $400million hobby…move right along...") going on with regard to Cable TV. I'll put it this way (click here for a larger version):

Screen Shot 2012 07 31 at 5 07 44 PM





IMO Apple is quickly and quietly going after Cable TV providers with better delivery methods, a la carte selection and on demand viewing. Don't be surprised as premium content creators begin signing agreements with Apple:  HBO, ESPN, Disney, BBC as well as other international creators (maybe even TVNZ - Shortland Street for everyone! :) 

AppleTV then quickly becomes a vastly improved distribution medium and of course they'll extract a modest toll in the process. And with a world wide revenue opportunity it'll mean $billions more for Apple - funded in part by the giant sucking sound as viewers cut the cable for broadcast TV and keep it for internet access only. Heck - for only two months cable TV cost ($50/month) you can buy an AppleTV. And the difference can fund subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu Plus and more.

Or imagine this: after NBC's mis-handling of the Olympic games, can an Olympics app for the AppleTV be very far behind?

Friday, July 6, 2012

RTC USA Feedback

Screen Shot 2012 07 06 at 10 55 21 AM

There's a lot of blogging going on post #RTCNA (formerly #RTCUSA) in Stone Mountain. I'm going to try to list all the blog posts but if I miss any please email / twitter a link.

And if you didn't get to go, be sure to print a few reviews and staple them together with your resignation letter before placing it on your bosses desk.

Ok - maybe not with a resignation letter. Maybe just as a list of the competition who was there.

You see, It's a bit chicken / egg: you're being told you couldn't make it  because you don't have the budget…or is it that you don't have the budget because you couldn't make it?

James Vandezande / HOK

Brian Mackey / Mackay Consulting

Aaron Maller /  Beck Group

Paul Aubin / Consulting Services

Lonnie Cumpton / BIM9

Robert Manna / Stantec

Aaron Vorwerk / D|C|CADD

Jeffrey Pinheiro / Fletcher Thompson (here here and here)

Erik Lewis / Devenney Group Ltd.

Check back for updates!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

RTC North America 2012

Note: This is a re-post (with permission!) from JamesV's blog over here: 



Here I sit on the train, commuting back to work on a warm Monday morning, attempting to summarize what concluded a mere 27 hours ago. I'm attempting to find the right way to express my feelings about the RTC North America 2012 conference in Stone Mountain, GA and I seem to keep returning to Bradley Cooper's character in The Hangover II when he makes that fateful phone call..."it happened again."
Now, I'm not saying we lost all track of reality in a drunken stupor - rather that I feel a nostalgia of great events in the past. Meeting new friends, learning truly valuable skills, and having a whole bag of fun in the process.

Let's start from the beginning...even before departing New York for Atlanta. At AU in November 2011, my good old friend Wes Benn says that I absolutely must submit a class proposal for RTC in June. I was supposed to give a presentation at the first RTC North America event earlier in 2011, but an important family event forced me to defer my presentation to an excellent colleague who did a bang-up job of Effective Coordination, avoiding an imminent #screwtastrophe.

So, I submitted a topic called "Building Smarter Models" that was accepted and I was on my way to Georgia. Fast forward to June 27 and I arrive with two others at Hartsfield Airport late that evening. We share a car out to the Evergreen Marriott Resort at Stone Mountain - a 40 minute drive. Along the way, Scott Davis receives a call from Jim Balding with the news that there are no rooms left for the three of us. Surely this is one of Jim's practical jokes, but it turned out to be true. After shuttling back and forth between two hotels in the area until 1 am, we had a plan - Bruce got a room, Scott shacked up with Jim for the night, and I stayed with Wes.

The next morning I may have been caught saying that I was due for a crappy conference because I've been to so many good ones in recent years. I was about to let fate take its course. Then it was underway...

We were first treated to a fascinating "fireside (albeit a virtual fire) chat" with the one and only Dick Morley - the father of such modern day innovations as the programmable logic controller, anti-lock brakes, and the picture keys on McDonalds restaurant registers. Dick was followed by Steve Stafford and a few folks from Autodesk talking about what's new in Revit 2013 and what's to come. Of course, Autodesk can't reveal details about what's coming without everyone being under NDA, so I felt that was an unnecessary addition to Steve's summary.

After lunch, we were off to the first round of classes. This is where the magic begins. Without a fully detailed summary of every session I attended, let me just say that you probably won't find a better assembly of speakers and topics covering Revit and related technologies than at an RTC event. I'd have to say that my favorite presenter was Marcello Sgambelluri. His passion, eloquence, enthusiasm, and overall knowledge of each topic was remarkable and inspiring.

Removed  << EDIT: Sorry, had to remove the video snippet of Marcello's presentation by request >>

RTC is a multi-track event in which there are several simultaneous classes in regular time slots over three days. It is difficult to decide which class to attend in any given schedule slot and they don't yet record the proceedings. I hope they do in the future because I didn't hear anything but positive reviews from my colleagues attending other sessions.

One thing that seems to be receding from the itinerary of other industry conferences are the social events. This is where RTC certainly doesn't skimp. As event founder, Wes and his committee understand the immeasurable value of networking at these types of venues. It might make their event a little more costly, but I wouldn't even hesitate to keep coming if they keep up their high standard of excellence. On Friday night, we were treated to a paddle boat ride across the lake to the Stone Mountain Golf Clubhouse for a fine BBQ dinner and on Saturday, the gala dinner concluded the conference with the announcement of the contest winners and a bluegrass band.

Future conferences are scheduled for RTC North America - Vancouver in July 2013, RTC Europe - Delft, Netherlands in September 2013, and RTC Australasia - New Zealand in May 2013. I encourage you to visit to learn more about these upcoming events.

Bluegrass + (Madonna + DEVO + INXS) / Stone Mountain = Packway Handle Band

Hey everyone - if you've still got the tunes from Saturday night's Gala Dinner stuck in your head there is a cure! The Packway Handle Band is available on iTunes.

Screen Shot 2012 07 03 at 9 43 01 AM

Please support these full-time musicians - we all know what it's like to be a passionate, driven artist. I'm digging the (Sinner) You'd Better Get Ready CD which features the wonderful rendition of Madonna's "Like A Prayer". Listen closely to the last 10 seconds or so for the cut in by the neighbor with insomnia. :)

Insert earbuds, press play and close eyes…I'm back at RTC!

Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Friday!

And what could possibly make it better?

That's right! RTC North America is next week! We'll be indoors during 90 degree highs. But a few evening events will be outdoors in pleasant 70 degree lows. So feel free to pack your shorts and t-shirts. Start here for the latest / greatest registration info if you're still on the fence!

Could that possible be all the good new? What? No?

Wait! There's more!

We've just found out that the FLAT TIRES entire discography has been accepted by Pandora:

Screen Shot 2012 06 22 at 2 21 46 PM

It's not as easy as you'd think - and they don't just accept any / all music out there. So we're really pleased to have make the cut. Go here to get started!

See you at RTC!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Put Your Pencils Down

Screen Shot 2012 06 20 at 8 38 23 AM


Thursday, August 9

Baltimore, Maryland

Friday, August 10
The Iron Works
Pittsburg, PA

Saturday, August 11
The Grog Shop
Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Sunday, August 12
Mohawk Place
Buffalo, New York

Sunday, August 13

Tuesday, August 14
Burlington, Vermont

Wednesday, August 15
Chameleons Nightclub

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Thursday, August 16
The Dover Brickhouse

Dover, New Hampshire

Friday, August 17
Rocks On Concert Cruise

Boston, MA

Saturday, August 18
Rocks Off Concert Cruise

New York, NY

 - Bonus -

 Here's a link to download a six song sample of FLAT TIRES music across their past three albums:

Enjoy! :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Facts and Figures

RTC2012us abstract header 800x215 copy


Two weeks from today RTC North America gathers at Stone Mountain Resort for the 2nd annual conference. What better time to rattle off some interesting facts and figures for this year's event. This is a great opportunity to get kick started with the latest and greatest in the BIM ecosystem. We have a full schedule of events - but plenty of time to discuss best practices, cross discipline workflow and more - including: 

  • 24 Sponsors and Exhibitors (and climbing!)
  • 95 Sessions
  • 80 Speakers
  • 13 Delegate Countries
    • Australia
    • Canada
    • Denmark
    • Lithuania
    • Japan
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • Netherlands
    • New Zealand
    • United Kingdom
    • United Arab Emirates
    • USA
  • 12 Published BIM Authors
  • Scores of Bloggers and Industry Experts
  • 2 Fully Operation Cloud-based BIM Labs
  • Special Vasari goodness compliments of Matt Jezyk and Zack Kron
  • Keynote Speaker Dick Morley
  • Complimentary airport shuttle to Stone Mountain Resort

And in addition to being the premier North America BIM-centric conference, Stone Mountain Park is a wonderful, family friendly environment. Consider bringing your spouse and children for a relaxing getaway. Let them play while you work!

For registration start here.

There are still a few exhibition and sponsorship opportunities available. For the full prospectus start here.

Full conference schedule and information is available at

RTC 2012 North America 500x240