Friday, June 14, 2013

Introducing VEO™ Helium

Some of what's new in this release:
  • Dramatically Improved Performance
  • Enhanced User Management
  • Enhanced control over shared projects
  • Improved filtering and searching capabilities in Archive
  • Improved UI to view and edit document links, labels and files
  • Know which user added a document
  • Know when a document was last modified
  • Sectioning Tools
  • Faster Data Syncs
  • Improved Project History for moving back and forth in time
  • Dramatically Faster Graphics
  • Notifications when revisions are available
  • Navigation Enhancements
One More Thing™:
Your VEO demo account allows you to create and save your own local projects - fully functional except for features like rendering and online collaboration
No project size limit. No time limit. 
Go ahead and test VEO on your largest, most complex projects and see how easy it is to do the following:
Bidirectionally Link Documents in VEO™ Archive 
Transparent Room Volumes

 Clearly Visualize Transparent Spatial Volumes 
Quickly Coordinate and Contextually Visualize 
Effortlessly Create Section Boxes by Space, Object or Selection
Get started here:
User forums here:
Request a presentation for you and your team over here
Connecting Designers, Builders and Owners just got a major upgrade. And if anyone tells you different…they're probably sniffing Glue. ;)

Monday, June 10, 2013

iPhone 7

Audio only FaceTime calls in iOS7. You know how text messages automatically switch over to your data plan or WiFi in iMessage? Imagine the same thing happening when you make a call. Result: a cell phone that comes with free / free-ish calls. While AT&T and others continue charge three different rates for calls, text and data Apple is making the distinction obsolete.

Apple is going after the cellular market.


Make no mistake - if Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were teenagers today - they'd be on the short list at Department of Homeland Security and labeled "terrorists" and "extreamists".

RIP Aaron Swartz.


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