Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Introducing VEO™

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Dear Friends and Associates -

Two weeks ago today, VEO™ shipped at the end of January (January 37th, to be exact) and like any proud parent I'd like take a moment and reflect on the long strange trip and say "Thank You" to you all.

The first time I saw Revit in the spring of 2001, I walked out of the presentation and thought, "Wow, I wonder what's going to be next?". Revit 1.0 was certainly rough around the edges but the importance of integrated design was a foregone conclusion. Excited by the potential of Revit, I began using version 1.0. Less than a year later I went to work for Revit Technology and a year later for Autodesk.

Wonderful, heady times. But I still wondered, "What's next?"

"What's next?" accidentally tapped me on the shoulder at Autodesk University 2008. Seeing VEO™ for the first time immediately recalled my question from 2001. "Now I know what's next!" I thought - and laughed. :)

What I saw in VEO™ was the potential of integrated Design, Building and Operations. In other words, integrated BIM. An elegant platform where designers, engineers, fabricators, builders and owners could truly collaborate. And after four very long years, VEO has shipped.

Thank you all:

    • UNCC College of Architecture for so many challenges
    • Fellow Architects and Engineers for so much mentoring
    • Revit founders and associates for planting the seeds
    • Autodesk for growing the vision
    • Autodesk (again!) for funding M-SIX
    • The M-SIX team for digging in and exceeding expectations

Thank you all for the patience and guidance.

I'm so excited for the next decade with VEO™. And so excited to see what's next!

All the best -

Phil Read
Phil Read