Monday, August 18, 2008

All of These Keyboards Suck

And it's very important that they continue to do so.

Why? Predictable Inefficiency.

Keyboards represent a well understood UI. But from a functionality standpoint they're not arranged with regard to what works ergonomically. In fact - typewriter keys were deliberately arranged to not work well (from a speed of typing standpoint) because forcing people to type slower meant the mechanisms jammed less frequently.

And as time passed, typewriters gave way to electric typewriters which gave way to word processors and eventually personal computing. But something interesting happened: the keyboard pretty much remained the same.

Which brings up my point.

Improving the functionality of what typewriters represented (i.e., the ability to create, manipulate and disseminate thought) was far more important than improving the UI of the keyboard. Of course one can refer plenty of carefully managed studies that argue for an entirely different keyboard layout. But the fact remains - improving the keyboard will only serve to frustrate the end user, cost the customer a lot time and the shareholders a lot of money. Or simply:

Don't improve the UI at the cost of
improving functionality.

And some serious functionality improving is long overdue:

1. Site Tools
2. 64 Bit
3. Stairs and Railings
4. Curtain Wall
5. Geometry Enhancements

Don't fall into the same crap trap as Office 2007. Because if you do it'll only mean we still won't be able to do stuff - only faster.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Nice Hack

Beats spending $30. The thing is - you can't find 1st generation iPhone cases in Apple stores anymore. And when you ask the staff if they have them, they look at you a bit strange. It's as if I'm supposed to be embarrassed for having not upgraded to the new phone with a new selection of cases.


So I'd used gaffer tape to wrap the back of my phone. But after too much trial and error and thought I decided to search online for a template to make cutting out the exact shape a bit easier.

Turns out some other clever person has already done it. Nice work here.