Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School (2012)

Update on the annual back to school photos!

2002 - Preschool

2003 - Kindergarten

2004 - First and Preschool

2005 - Second and Kindergarten

2006 - Forgot to take pictures - close enough. :)

2007 - Kindergarten, Second and Fourth

2008 - One, Three, Five

2009 - 2, 4, 6

2010 - Third, Fifth and Seventh

2011 - Fourth, Sixth and Eighth.

Last year of middle school for Harrison - and first year of middle school for Milly! Note to self: next year Harrison wears a different t-shirt!

IMG 6547

2012 - Dammit - forgot to hide Harrison's t-shirt! Jeezus I just hope he's washed it...

Screen Shot 2012 08 27 at 5 51 49 PM




Brian Beck said...

Too Funny that your oldest was able to keep the Coke shirt thing going.

Alen said...

Annual back to school photos are a tradition where parents take a photo of their child on their first day of school each year, typically starting from kindergarten or first grade and continuing through high school. This tradition has become popular worldwide, and many families take these photos to capture the memories and the growth of their children throughout the years.

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