Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cat 1, Bag 0

Well - perhaps I can finally stop obsessing over Drunken Leprechaun Mode(TM). And maybe the Factory will stop obsessing as well. Leave both UI's in and instead focus on Site Tools.

Any chance I can present my AU sessions with this? Cause if most people are using 2009 (or 2010 in Classic mode) I'd probably just end up confusing the customer.

On to bigger and better things! :)

Speaking of which - New Zealand is moving closer (literally) to Australia. Unfortunately, it'll eventually mean a Dingo feeding frenzy. Poor Hobbits. They are an endangered species as it is.

But there is at least one silver-lined cloud! At this rate, Guy will be able to drive to his daughter's future wedding in Sydney. ;)


Anonymous said...

I liked this line better:
"Basically, New Zealand just got a little bit bigger..."

Which is good because we need all the space we can get now the Aussies are moving here to paradise. There's only so much brown dust and recycled drinking water a person can take.... ;-)

And good luck to anybody, Australian or not marrying my daughters given the mid winter voodoo going on with them at the moment. I'd fly them anywhere in the world for free if someone was prepared to marry one of them.

No scrap that, you have to marry them all, it's an all or nothing deal ;-) At least I'd get a good nights sleep then...

Anonymous said...

Closer to Au but further from AU :)

I wonder if flights to US will get an extra distance tax...

Christopher Zoog said...

cats don't belong in bags (neither do leprechauns for that matter)...glad it made it out. ;-)

Joliet Jake said...


how much for your daughters?? ... your womens, how much for your womens??