Friday, June 19, 2009


Sorry Eddy - you'll have to pick a new cause. Turns out that all the hysteria over global warming can be ignored now that Hades has frozen over. Both my proposed sessions for AU have been re-approved. It's all part of a long (and not promised to be interesting) story and I'll gladly share it with anyone that'll buy the beer.

Anyway - stop threatening to key Jim Balding's car. ;)

So please email pictures of complex and interesting railing and stair conditions that you happen across over the next few months. While you're out and about just snap a couple of photos with your iPwn, Crackberry, etc. and email ASAP. Just remember to put "AU2009" in the subject line.

Why go through all this camera-phone-taking-picture-emailing hassle? Because according to a yet to be determined and entirely subjective, unscientific method the best image of a stair or railing used in the session wins an unlocked and lovingly cared for 1st generation iPhone. It should work with any carrier that uses a SIM card.

See store for details. Additional restrictions apply. And I'm pretty much still sold on T-Mobile. Great customer service.

Thanks all for the factory focused email and phone calls. Very much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Great news, now I just have to work out how to get there and hope the fluey swine thing doesn't shut down international travel...

Mark in Uptown said...

Kum Ba Yah, Y'all, Kum Ba Yah ;)

Dave Baldacchino said...

Awesome, common sense finally reigned (maybe a tiny bit).

Ian Kidston said...

Great news!

Maybe, just maybe AD is coming to it's corporate senses.

A large corporation - like an ocean liner - takes a long time to move.

Congrats to those at AD who sorted out whatever was the problem.



Wes said...

I think the public shaming I gave Autodesk on their competitors' user forums gave them pause :-P I am also very pleased to hear that sanity has prevailed

Jim Balding said...

Whoa -

I had nothing to do with the decision to keep you out!!! Let's leave me (and my car) out of this!!!