Monday, October 19, 2009

The Circle is Now Complete...

The third member of the BIM Alliance is now in place. ;)

As you know, Eddy Krygiel joined this Arch | Tech experiment in early August 2009 and began posting in earnest. Now after equal amounts of begging, pleading, prodding and plying - Eddy and I are honored to have James Vandezande round out this key cast of players.

For those of you that haven't had the pleasure to meet or work or hear James speak at AU, I'll start with my own personal experience and impressions:
  • Digital Design Manager and Associate at SOM NYC
  • Early BIM | Technology adopter
  • University Lecturer
  • An extremely significant Force of Will(TM) that kept the WTC project on track in spite of much fan-hitting action
  • Dedicated, hardworking - sharp-minded as well as sharp-tongued
  • Focused on Programming, Standards, Very Large Projects as well as Multi-Platform BIM as a process - not a platform Environments
  • Patient yet only suffers fools to a point
  • Hands like a brick-mason, mind of poet
  • Favorite beer: Chimay
  • Has met Howard Stern and Gene Simmons
  • In spite of his love of technology, very poor personal experience with home appliances. Offer him one of the above adult beverages at AU, sit back and enjoy the stories. ;)

His blog in it's native format is here.

Welcome aboard James. Don't be a "wooden tongue":

Couldn't find a reasonable glamor shot like this. Be patient. In the mean time the image above will have to do. More details to follow.

It's about to get very, very interesting.


czoog said...

A BIM trifecta! Nice....

Erik said...

So that was a disturbance in the force I felt..

Mark said...

Congrats on your TOT (Triumvirate Of Technology)

I look forward to inevitable back and forth banter and miscellaneous social commentary to come... woo-hoo!

Mark said...

P.S. How could I have missed Eddy's Glamour Shot® - That's what jsut reading the RSS version in Outlook gets me...