Sunday, September 4, 2016

Back to School (2016)

Annual Update of Back to School Photos!
2002 - Preschool

2003 - Kindergarten

2004 - First and Preschool

2005 - Second and Kindergarten

2006 - Forgot to take pictures - close enough. :)

2007 - Kindergarten, Second and Fourth

2008 - One, Three, Five

2009 - 2, 4, 6

2010 - Third, Fifth and Seventh

2011 - Fourth, Sixth and Eighth. Last year of middle school for Harrison - and first year of middle school for Milly! Note to self: next year Harrison wears a different t-shirt!
IMG 6547
2012 - Dammit - forgot to hide Harrison's t-shirt! Jeezus I just hope he's washed it...
Screen Shot 2012 08 27 at 5 51 49 PM

2013 - 10th Grade beginner’s beard. Jasper starts middle school.
IMG 3443

2014 - Mill’s starts high school. :) F%#k they’ve grown up fast. :’)

2015 - Harrison’s a Senior! And he didn’t wear his Coke™ shirt. :) But he did wear flip flops. 

2016 - Jazz and Mills are in High School. Harrison flies the nest to study Engineering at University of North Carolina Charlotte (about an hour away). I keep reminding them 1) The cool jobs haven't been created yet, 2) Study as if to become an employer - not an employee and 3) Every day is "National Get Your Shit Done Day". Are you celebrating? :)


Eva Green said...

I love when my children have a summer holiday and I don't like when they have to come back to school. At home after school they spend their time writing the essay or reading. I think that education takes a huge part of their lives and I want to hear their laugh and watch them playing.

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